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A breakthrough invention of H20lL Corporation
H20IL Corporation, U.S.A is the world leader of nanotechnology application in fuel technol .
H20IL is the only company to supply liquid nanotechnology fuel additives that are widely tested.
used globally and confer with various international recognition such as:
Selected by the United Nations in 1994 as the most effective and economical fuel additive for
conserving energy and alleviating urban transport-related air pollution problems in Asia.

A best-seller in Japan since 1997, it has been recognised as "one of the best and most efficient
fuel additives in the market" by one of Japan's most prestigious automobile magazines, Option 2.

Endorsed by China National EPA in May 2005 as the best gasoline and diesel fuel additive
for saving fuel and reducing tail-pipe pollution after more than 7 years of tests and actual
utilisation records.

Long-term fleet testing by Netherland's Wesseling Transport Company of over 1,100,OOOkm
resulted in 12.5% fuel savings and substantial emissions reduction.

EPA registered, made in U.S.A.
Product Liability USD1,000,000
Over 15 billion kilometres of safe, trouble-free, real-life driving worldwide and NOR A SINGLE CLAIM!

· Made in U.S.A.
· Tested by EPA approved laboratories
· Tested and used by government agencies
· Recognised to be one of the best and most efficient fuel additives
· Tested and used by major trucking companies
· Proven with over 15 billion kilometres of safe and real-life driving
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